Message from the Principal

As we all are aware of the fact that Education plays a very important role in the development of a society. A good education helps us all to be independent and make decision in a positive way. To give a good education we need trained Teachers. The role of DIETs is constantly increasing as per needs, demands and challenges of Basic Education.
In the light of NCF 2005 and RTE Act, 2009, DIET Kailashahar, exposes the teacher trainees to numerous methodologies and teaches them in an interesting, innovating, entertaining and child friendly manner based on psychological principles. 
The Government has equipped DIETs with appropriate buildings, teaching learning programmes, computers and dedicated team of teacher-educators who are always eager to give them always new knowledge, skills and experiences as per the time to time updated curriculum. Emphasis has been laid to produce vibrant teachers for the society. Demand of trained teachers in the state is anticipated because of the up-surging trend of education under compulsory education to each citizen of the country. We sincerely believe that no system can prosper unless it is rooted in strong human values and morals. In order to enlighten our teacher trainees on various current issues of education, we organized workshops and seminars so that they get sensitized to the issues of vital importance and exchange their views as well as acquire multi-dimensional thinking and perspective. We also invite educationists, renowned artists and other intellectuals as guest lecturers to motivate and guide our trainees and to nourish them with desired attitude to work joyfully.
Personality Development classes are also organized so as to make the holistic development of our teachers    
Last but not the least, I wish a bright carrier for the DIET teacher trainees.